The Top Reasons Why RV Garages Are Almost Essential For Your Vehicle

I’m sure you know spending lots of money on a beautiful RV is only the beginning. It cost you a lot of money and you’ll want to protect it as much as possible, but there is no way they’ll fit into conventional garages. The wasted money and lost time you’ll suffer from if you keep it parked outside is heartbreaking, which is why RV garages are the perfect way to go. We’ll look into a few specific reasons why a custom-built garage will help to keep your RV safe.

It’s Going To Get Cold

You already know how cold it gets in Colorado, which means an unprotected RV is going to take a beating. It’s even worse because you won’t be driving it when conditions are harsh outside. The freezing cold weather is going to affect your battery, so it’s likely you already disconnect it at the moment. Unfortunately your fluids with thicken, tires will lose pressure, and spark plugs hate the cold weather too. RV garages will always protect you from the ice cold air.

Your Paint Will Be Ruined

The exterior of your RV doesn’t stand much chance whether the weather is bad or not. If it’s sitting outside your home for extended periods of time when it’s warm the UV from the sun will eventually mess up the paint job. Alternatively, if it’s sitting in a bath of rain or snow the same thing will happen too. Don’t forget any wind will blow stones against the large target when it’s not got RV garage walls surrounding it for protection.

Much Easier To Keep Safe

There is something unique about an RV when compared to an ordinary vehicle. There isn’t necessarily going to be anything lying around in a car to steal unless you accidentally leave it there. Thieves know you’ll have all sorts of things inside your RV, which could include something as extravagant as an expensive flat-screen television. That means thieves can still cause you lots of grief without even stealing the RV itself. RV garages act as a great deterrent in these kinds of situations.

Insurance Costs Will Go Down

This is related to what we’ve just talked about, plus the money you’ll save on your insurance will help pay for your custom RV garage. Some insurance companies will give you a good discount if they know you’re going to keep your vehicle locked up in a garage. Due to the fact your RV will be seen as a nice target, the company you decide to go with will appreciate you keeping it indoors. If anything does happen to your RV you’ll be thankful you’ll have a smaller deductible to pay out of your pocket too.

Keeping It Away From Rodents

Do you have any idea how much damage rodents can do to a vehicle when it’s left outside? First of all, they’re going to put your life in danger if they enter the engine compartment and start chewing through your cables. They’ll also rip the interior of your RV apart to build nests, and if they don’t plan on staying around they’ll still leave droppings everywhere and stink the place up. To prevent these things from happening RV garages are the only real option.

It’s Not Easy To Avoid Hitting It

You usually want to buy an RV so you can go on adventures with your family, which means you most likely have children. You’ll know they’re not the most careful when they are playing in the garden, especially when they’re throwing and kicking balls around. The RV is going to be kind of hard to miss because it’s so big. It gets even worse if you park it on the street so you don’t block up the driveway. RV garages are guaranteed to stop other cars from crashing into yours if left out in the open.

RV Garages Are Almost Essential

If you own an RV, a dedicated garage is almost essential. There is no other way of preventing all these things from working in your favor unless you can keep it locked up in a secure place. It’s even more crucial if you’ve paid a lot of money for your RV, because you’ll want to make it last as long as possible until something goes wrong. We hear from our clients all the time about how their RV garage has saved them so much hassle almost straight away.

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