Major Factors That Could Lead To You Choosing A Detached Garage

A detached garage is seen as a luxury that will instantly improve any home, but you can’t forget it’s not just about looks. It also comes with more than a handful of advantages compared to an attached garage. Some you might be aware of and a few you’re probably not. Right now, you could still be in the planning process trying to figure out the pros and cons of each one, so let’s take a look at the instances where a detached custom garage will always come out on top.

A Detached Garage is Better For Your Health

This might sound strange to some people at first glance, but it will ultimately depend on what you plan to keep inside your garage. If it’s full of paints, gas, and pesticides I’m sure you’ll be able to see it’s not somewhere you want to spend a lot of time. If you have an attached garage these toxic fumes could be drifting into your home throughout the day, but when your garage isn’t attached to your home this wouldn’t be an issue.

You’ll Have Lots Of Privacy

If you plan on building a guest bedroom, gym, or home office in your detached garage you won’t want to be able to directly enter it from your home. It might mean you’ll have to go outside to reach your destination, but there is less chance of you being disturbed all the time. If you’re trying to work or exercise it’s important you’re not interrupted, and if someone is living in your spare bedroom they’ll appreciate the extra freedom.

There Will Be More Space To Play In

Families don’t just have a car to share like in the good old days. Each person in the family could have their own car, and if you have any older teenagers living with you there could be more than two vehicles. A custom-built detached garage will be able to handle all of these vehicles easily as long as you have enough space available. Opt for an attached garage instead and one or more cars might need to be parked outside where they’ll be exposed to the harsh Colorado elements.

It Will Look Like A Second Home

Do you think a detached garage needs to look like what you’d consider a typical garage? They can easily be built with extravagant roofs, including dormers you would expect to see on a normal home. Depending on your budget it’s possible to add things like ventilation and heating to your new building too. It’s actually a cheap way to build a second home, because it would be hard to tell the difference once it’s done. Even if you only use it to store bikes, cars, boats, and other important things your overall property will look very impressive.

Less Noise To Deal With

If you’re busy working on your car in the garage you might annoy someone sitting inside your home if you have an attached garage, but nobody will hear you in a detached garage. It works the other way too, so if you have a special room in your garage and you don’t want disturbed it won’t matter what anyone inside your home is doing. You’ll also be able to start your car and slip away in the early mornings without waking anyone up when they’re trying to sleep.

Harder To Break Into Your Home

An attached garage definitely has the upper hand when it comes to deterring thieves trying to steal your car, but there is a disadvantage to them too. If you’re not at home and someone breaks into an attached garage they’ll only be one small door away from breaking into your actual home, which will be full of your personal possessions. If anyone breaks into a detached garage they’ll be able to steal your car and everything else inside, but they won’t be able to reach all the really valuable stuff.

It Comes Down To Your Individual Needs

If you get in contact with us we’ll be able to walk you through everything you need to know, but a detached garage might be the perfect choice for you if any of these benefits have stood out. We have much more creative freedom when building a garage detached from your main home, and I’m sure you’ll love some of the previous projects we’ve worked on in your local area which we’d be happy to show you.

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