The Biggest Benefits An Attached Garage Will Offer

Once you’ve decided you want to build a garage you’re left with a tough decision. Should you opt for an attached garage, or would you benefit more from a detached garage? Setting aesthetics aside for a moment, they do both have their positives and negatives. An attached one is probably the one you’re most familiar with, and there is a good reason why it’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of garages. Let’s take a quick look at the main advantages attached garages will offer your entire family.

They’re A Lot More Convenient

Our custom garages aren’t just designed as a place to park your vehicle. They’re always built with a multitude of other things in mind. You might be able to put up with walking out to your detached garage for your car if you only drive it a few times per day, but what about those who do their laundry in the garage? Can you imagine walking back and forth with your dry clothes in a bad Colorado winter? It would be much easier if your garage was attached to your home.

The Garage Will Be More Secure

One of the best things about a garage is the fact it deters people from breaking into your car. If you build an attached garage it adds an extra level of security when you’re home, because if someone broke into your garage in the middle of the night you would hear them. If a detached garage isn’t too close to your home it means everything inside would become more vulnerable. It would still act as a great deterrent, but you wouldn’t hear anything suspicious going on.

You Don’t Need A Lot Of Space

A major reason why attached custom garages are so popular is because people don’t always have the space to build a detached one. Unless your garden or land is huge, space could be at a premium and a standalone building could stop you from using the yard for other things. If it’s attached to your home it can still be as big or small as you desire, and we’ll be able to build it to any shape you want. An attached garage is more like a home extension rather than a separate building altogether.

Keeping An Eye On Your Children

Many people decide to turn part of their garages into playrooms for their children. They might even build a bedroom into the garage where one of their children will sleep. If you’re thinking about doing this I’m sure you’ll want to make sure you can keep an eye on them as easily as possible. You don’t want to risk letting them stay or play in a detached garage where anything could be going on out of sight. An attached garage won’t feel any different from any other room in your home.

It Won’t Spoil Your Beautiful View

If you decide to build a detached garage it’s usually going to sit at the back of your home. It will completely ruin the view you currently experience when you look outside your window. We know our detached garages are gorgeous, but we’re happy admitting they can’t compete with the beautiful Colorado landscapes. It’s not as bad as if your home was overlooking a construction site, but it’s something you’ll want to take into consideration if you value nature and if do then an attached garage is the way to go.

You’ll Spend Less Money Maintaining It

Attached garages blend into your home, so there will be at least one less side of the garage you have to worry about maintaining. They’ll also be a lot cheaper when workmen have to come to fix your roofs and clean your guttering, because they won’t count as a separate house. You’ve also got things like heating, ventilation, and electricity to think about too. Any garage is going to cost money upfront, but the trick is saving more in the long run.

You Can’t Go Wrong With An Attached Garage

Maybe you were already convinced which one you were going to choose after realizing how convenient an attached custom garage would be. After all, it takes a brave person to deal with snow and rain every day for a considerable part of the year. All the other benefits are merely bonuses, but they’re still going to help you out a lot. If you look at what we’ll be able to do for you, we at Landmark Garages think you’ll still be blown away by the options available.

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