Reasons Apartment Garages Make Sense to Any Homeowner

Have you ever wondered what your home would feel like if there was suddenly a lot of extra space? Some people achieve this by opting for a new garage, but you can go one step further thanks to apartment garages. You’ll have the perfect place to park your car at night, plus more importantly you’ll have a ton of free space to do anything with. Perhaps you’re still unsure if it’s worth upgrading from a regular garage, so it’s best if we look at some of the things you’ll be able to do with your brand new apartment garage.

Build Out Your Other Rooms

Do you have a small bathroom or kitchen at the moment? Lots of our past customers were desperate to increase the size of their kitchen or create an extravagant bathroom, but they didn’t have the space because they needed all the bedrooms they currently had. Once you’ve got a new bedroom on top of your garage you’ll be able to do something special with one of the bedrooms currently inside your home. For example, apartment garages could allow you to tear down a few walls and build a massive kitchen.

It’s Like Living In A Mansion

If you don’t live in a huge house at the moment it probably looks kind of ordinary. One of the cheapest ways to make your home even bigger without adding on a traditional extension is apartment garages, which can easily be built to look like they’re a part of your home anyway. It will automatically feel like you’re living in a mansion if you choose an attached garage because everything can blend into one. You can even have doors leading into your home on both floors of the garage.

Older People Looking To Retire

Did you know Colorado is one of the top choices when it comes to people downsizing their home and moving somewhere to retire? Denver gets around 300 days of sunshine per year and there is plenty to do, so it’s no surprise retirees are flocking here at the moment. If they downsize they’ll be wanting somewhere to rent and your apartment garage will appeal to them. If the garage is detached from your home you’ll hardly ever see them, yet they’ll help you pay for the garage thanks to their monthly rent.

If Your Family Is Expanding

You shouldn’t need to move home because your family is expanding. If you plan on having a baby apartment garages will ensure your kids will have their own room and you can stay exactly where you are. They also come in handy when your children are reaching an age where they’ll be too old to share a bedroom. Don’t forget you’ll always have a place for your older family members to stay, which means they won’t have to go and live in a home where you’ll never see them.

Adding Some Luxury To Your Life

Just because you have an apartment garage it doesn’t mean you need to build a bedroom in your empty space. You could let your imagination run wild and come up with something luxurious. How would you feel about having your own gym or yoga studio above your garage? It would save you so much time if you could roll out of bed to exercise. You could also turn it into a games room, a home office, or a hundred other things depending on your passions. Storage space is an option if you can’t think of anything else.

Start Getting More Visitors

If you don’t get many visitors at the moment it might be because you don’t have any spare bedrooms. With friends and family living in different states, it’s difficult to visit someone if you have to pay for a hotel. That is one of the best things about always having a spare bedroom handy. Like we mentioned earlier, the apartment garage doesn’t even need to be attached to your home if you’d still like your privacy. If your budget allows for it your new living space could also have things like a bathroom, kitchen, heating, and ventilation.

Apartment Garages Aren’t Just About Cars

You should realize by now an apartment garage is much more than a place to park your car. In fact, it’s about more than extra space too. It’s the perfect way to extend your home for the cheapest price possible while still ending up with results you’ll love. If you reach out to us we’d be happy to show you examples of all the options available. Just be careful because once you’ve seen them they’ll be hard to resist.

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