6 Amazing Opportunities 2 Story Garages Will Offer You

If you’re thinking about building a garage you shouldn’t rush into any decisions. The reason you need to take your time is because you could be making a major mistake we see lots of people fall victim to. Perhaps it would be much better if you added an extra floor to your garage. 2 story garages are becoming very popular at the moment because the second floor provides so many opportunities, plus they’re not vastly more expensive than a regular one. Take a look at some of the things 2 story garages could offer your family.

Build An Extra Bedroom

Do you want your garage to pay for itself? It wouldn’t take long if you built a bedroom on the top floor of your garage in order to rent it out. Think about how many people are flocking to Colorado at the moment. You wouldn’t have too much trouble finding a tenant and they’d never have to wander into your home. It’s also good for when relatives come to visit, or if a parent comes to live with you and they still want their own space.

Bring Your Hobbies To Life

There are millions of people who paint, play music, and even build model railways. Unfortunately, they rarely have a place where they can bring their hobbies to life. Could you imagine building your very own art studio on the second floor of your garage? What about a recording studio where you could play music without annoying anyone? 2 story garages will increase your quality of life by making the thing you love to do even more enjoyable.

Workout In Your Own Gym

You’re living in the perfect state if you like to spend time outdoors, but sometimes it’s a lot easier to stay in shape by lifting weights and running on a treadmill. Imagine the possibilities you’ll have open to you if you’re capable of building your own garage gym from the ground up. This is another way to help pay for your 2 story garage, because you’ll eliminate gym membership fees and the money you spend on gas to get there.

The Perfect Way To Work From Home

It seems like everyone is working from home these days. Can you guess the number of times you’re interrupted when you’re in the middle of working on something important? A custom office inside 2 story garages would actually help people feel like they’re still going to work too, which I’m sure would benefit you. If you currently work from home it makes complete sense.

Man Cave for You and Your Friends

You could turn the second level of your garage into the ultimate game room for you and your buddies. It would be big enough to throw in a pool table, table tennis table, and a giant TV for video games. If you wanted something for yourself a dart board and a beer fridge could turn it into a great man cave. It would also be possible to go the full distance and build your own private bar to chill in at the weekend with friends when it’s too cold to sit outside.

A Huge Amount Of Storage Space

The most exciting thing 2 story garages offer is the promise of as much storage space as you’ll ever need. Even if you don’t have a ton of possessions you could own enough to warrant building a place to store the things you don’t use. It makes even more sense in Colorado when there are things you’ll want to hide away once winter is over. You’ll free up space in your attic or basement too, which is great because it will give you additional room for other opportunities.

2 Story Garages Offer So Many Options

Do you think we’ve covered everything you’ll be able to do if you have your own 2 story garage? Fortunately there are hundreds of other things you could do if you have a good imagination. We’ve only covered some of the most popular things our past clients have opted for. We’ve seen some pretty amazing ideas come to life, and if you have any of your own we’d love to discuss them with you. Don’t forget a single story garage can’t offer you the same opportunities too but certainly two car garages offer a lot more if your budget allows for it.

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